What type of phone best to use for work and business?

phone for work and armoured phone for special tasks

A phone is nowadays one of the most important devices supporting work. What’s more, many businesses wouldn’t be successful if it weren’t for the handset that enables constant remote contact with customers. In this guide we offer both more advanced business smartphones as well as good classic or rugged phones for difficult conditions.

With progress in technology, today’s advanced, high-performance smartphones are replacing computers in many tasks, making them fully-fledged work tools. They provide constant access to a web browser, office software, calendar, mailbox, task applications.Optimizing different processes has never been easier. Last but not least,phones allow you to send text messages and make calls, which is essential for running your business.

A phone for a full-time job

As a result, a good phone has numerous functions, and the choice of the right one should depend on the needs and conditions in which it will work. Naturally, in one business it is preferable to have a modern, efficient and universal smartphone, while in another, a classic handset with DualSIM function is better. Yet in another case smartphones with a rugged, highly resistant housing and a spacious battery will do the trick.

The specification and complexity of the model also translate directly into the costs to be incurred when buying a smartphone to work. The price is usually of great importance in the company and it gets proportionally greater the more phones have to be purchased for an employee or a team. We recommend the proven myPhone and HAMMER models, which are suitable for work and available at an affordable price.

Smartphone for business

myPhone City 2 vs. myPhone FUN 8

For those looking for more advanced models – myPhone City 2. this 5.7-inch model is designed to meet the needs of demanding users, making it easy to work, play and operate on a variety of levels. Smartphone’s dynamic performance results from the combination of eight-core CPU power with 4 GB of RAM, supported by pure Android 9 Pie. When we add LTE, as much as 64 GB of flash memory for multimedia and two solid 13 Mpx + 5 Mpx cameras, we get a universal smartphone and a powerful working tool. All of that at a price of 499 PLN. This model will be suitable, among others, for office work and mid-level and senior managers.

Another solution that proves helpful at many workplaces is myPhone FUN 8 – solution for people who value efficient functioning, while maintaining the standard technical parameters of the device, at an affordable price. This 5-inch model with basic specification offers LTE, 5Mpx + 2Mpx (interpolated to 8Mpx and 5Mpx respectively), ensuring full mobility and contact with customers, subcontractors and colleagues. The model does not tempt with its specs, but is useful at work, where constant telephone contact and Internet access are more important than the high performance of the device itself. FUN 8 is available at a price of 289 PLN.

Reliable phone classic at work

myPhone Halo Q vs. myPhone Maestro

Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but the classical phones are still used and prove themselves useful in business. Classic phones replaced landline phones. It is quite probable that you noticed them in a local clinic, at a florist, hairdresser, shoemaker or offices of a call centre etc. Why? Classic models are cheap, easy to use and reliable. They are also equipped with DualSIM, which makes it possible to use two numbers – business and private – on one device at the same time. They have a large battery that provides long operation without recharging and a lot of freedom (you can use the phone at work and then take it home with you).

Among our many models we recommend myPhone Halo Q – a phone with a large, colourful 2.8 inches display, a comfortable island-buttons keyboard, camera and a spacious 1400 mAh battery. The convenience of using this mobile phone is enhanced by the charging base with the “find the phone” option. This way, the phone stays in place at all times, and if it gets lost in the apartment, you can easily find it with a special button located at a charging base. The button triggers a sound signal in the phone making it easy to locate it. The phone is available at a price of 149 PLN.

In turn myPhone Maestro is a modern, elegant phone, with a 2.8″ large screen, camera, a capacious battery and DualSIM function. In terms of functionality, it is similar to Halo Q, although it has a more stylish housing and does not have a charging base. Available at a price of 129 PLN.

A phone for construction workers and people working in demanding conditions

HAMMER Energy and HAMMER Patriot

phone for construction workers and people working in demanding conditions

When buying a phone to work, especially when it takes place in the open air or in special conditions such as a workshop, warehouse, construction site, logistics – it is worth to consider buying HAMMER. Reinforced housings compared with classic solutions assure greater resistance to falls, water and dust, as well as greater durability.

Such a phone or smartphone is a much more versatile and helpful variant than the above models. From our experience we know that the durability of HAMMER is irreplaceable. It has saved contacts, history of correspondence and even new contracts of a few companies more than once. Models such as Energy or HAMMER 3 or 4 are famous for the spacious battery. This feature gave users more space for action, and freedom to all technicians or bosses, allowing finally to work, not to constantly think about charging the device.

Among the smartphones designed to work in difficult conditions the optimal choice is i.e above mentioned HAMMER Energy – 5-inch rugged phone, with 2/16 GB, LTE, 5000 mAh battery, SONY 8 Mpx camera and Express Charging function. Energy is now available at a discount and costs only 599 PLN. Among the classics, it is enough to mention designed in Poland HAMMER Patriot (209 PLN) or HAMMER 4 (229 PLN) – handy phones with buttons, which are both characterized by exceptional design, resistance confirmed by IP68 certificate, DualSIM and a powerful battery.

We hope that now that you have finished reading, it will be easier to choose a business smartphone or a simple phone to work with. We recommend models from the myPhone and HAMMER offer as we use them daily in mPTech.

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When to buy the first phone for a child? Read before purchase

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