What is the best phone for seniors? With an SOS button

What is the best phone for seniors?

A “senior phone” in myPhone is called so for a reason. These devices are tailored to the needs of the elderly. Featuring a simple, pictorial menu with a clear font, large island keys, which cannot be confused easily, a spacious battery that provides a long time of operation on a single charge. Other features are: an additional charging station. radio, and, of course, an SOS button.

The latter is priceless, useful when the older person lives alone, is ill or suffers from a memory loss, but is still active. It is vital in case of emergencies. What’s more, the SOS programmable emergency button can even save lives, as Ms. Antonina, who was assaulted at home, found out. The use of an alarm button put the local police on their feet, and they managed to catch the robbers in time.

We shall explain how to program a button and how to use it if necessary. We quote a unique story of Ms. Antonina – a 92-year-old woman who received a myPhone phone from her granddaughter as a gift for Christmas.

What kind of phone for seniors – with SOS button

The SOS button gives a sense of security – appropriately programmed in case of danger or life threat, it allows you to quickly send a previously prepared message to 5 close people and initiate a call. What is important, in many situations it may prove to be much more convenient and faster than calling the emergency number 112.

How do I program SOS button?

To program the SOS button, simply go to the “Menu”, select “Settings” and then press “SOS settings” “SOS settings” In the options you need to: activate the button [Status], enter the numbers to which the notification will be sent [SOS numbers], enter the content of SMS [SOS message], turn on or off the sound [SOS sound] and you are done!

The button is already active. One important thing is that the button is set once and the phone remembers the settings so that it is always ready in case of an emergency.

How do I use the SOS key?

To use the SOS button, hold it down a little longer – it activates an acoustic alarm (the phone activates an alarm siren), and at the same time automatically sends an SMS with the SOS message and tries to reach the previously defined numbers.

To the defined numbers you can add family members and the appropriate services. However, it is important that you do not use the button unnecessarily.

The phone saved Grandma

Ms. Antonina, a 92-year old resident of Moszowice (Lower Silesia in Poland), was preparing a dinner as she did every ordinary day. She didn’t know that soon something was going to happen that would spread all over the village and be the subject of articles for several newspapers. A woman stood in the doorway of Ms. Antonina’s house and offered to sell curtains. At the same time, the other one was already plundering her apartment. When our heroine realized what was going on, she used a special button in her phone and started screaming.

An alarm sounded like a police siren and scared the thieves. The authorities reacted quickly enough to capture them. Thanks to this, Ms. Antonina not only avoided the theft of property, but also helped to catch a group of robbers who have been looting the region for some time. Afterwards she said, “I was saved by a mobile phone,” – and that was myPhone.

We like stories with a happy ending and believe that the SOS rescue button is really useful. Which phone for senior citizens has this option? It is available in all myPhone models of the “Senior phones” series.

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