myPhone Halo A

Compact and versatile

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Clear display

myPhone Halo A has a 1.77″ color screen with a large and legible font, which does not tire the eyesight. At the same time, it is handy and weighs only 73 g, as a result, its operation is easy and convenient for everyone.

mp-dark-screen1 1.77" Screen
mp-dark-abc, wyraźna czcionka Legible font
mp-dark-waga 73 g

SOS button

Mobile also has backlit keys and SOS button that allows you to call/send a text message to a pre-programmed number with a single click. This makes the user more secure in case of unexpected situations.

mp-dark-duzeprzyciski Large buttons
mp-dark-sos ice SOS button

Long conversation time

The phone provides stability and reassurance of contact with loved ones. The Halo A offers up to 120 hours of standby time or up to 4.5 hours of continuous talk time – all thanks to its high capacity 800 mAh battery.

mp-dark-wygodneodbieranie Long conversation time
mp-dark-battery 800 mAh battery

Dual SIM

The phone, thanks to DualSIM function, allows to use two numbers on one device at the same time and additionally from a memory card (separate slot).

mp-dark-dualsim Dual SIM
mp-dark-microsd microSD
up to 32 GB

That's not all...

mp-dark-flashlight latarka light
The lack of light in the staircase is no longer a problem. Use the torch and don’t worry.
FM Radio
The lack of light in the staircase is no longer a problem. Use the torch and don’t worry.
The built-in VGA camera will allow you to take and save photos on your phone.
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Camera 0.3 Mpx
Display 1.77", TFT, 128 x 160 px
Memory RAM 32 MB, Internal 32 MB
Processor Unisoc SC6531E
Battery Li-Ion, 800 mAh
Network 2G
DualSIM yes, Dualstandby
Weight and dimensions 73 g, 113.5 x 52.8 x 13.3 mm
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