HAMMER Patriot+


HAMMER Patriot+

Off the beaten path

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Unique style

Hammer Patriot+ muscular silhouette was entirely designed in Poland. It was created on the basis of research and analysis of consumers and in accordance which makes the phone comfortable, handy and original.

hammer-light-military certyfikat HAMMER Design

Spatial screen

Easy operation of the phone and exceptional readability of all content is ensured by a large 2.4″ screen.

hammer-light-screen 2.4 display
hammer-light-rozdzielczosc 240x320px resolution


Trimmed corners of the housing? With them, HAMMER is more resistant to accidental falls and is extremely handy. The double-reinforced construction makes this phone absorb the impact force and works in extreme conditions.

hammer-light-droptest odporność wytrzymałość resistance Droptest 4.9 ft

Waterproof, dustproof

HAMMER Patriot+ emerges victorious from the most difficult situations. It is dustproof and waterproof (resistance tested when immersed in water to a depth of 1.5 m/4.9 ft
by 30 n. with closed USB and mini jacks).

hammer-dark-ip68 odporność wytrzymałość resistance IP68
hammer-light-wodoszczelny ip68 odporność Waterproof, dustproof

Mighty battery

Standby for up to 20 days or up to 20 hours of continuous conversation – sounds good, right? In addition, HAMMER Patriot+ is equipped with a replaceable, high-capacity battery.

hammer-light-battery 1800 mAh battery

3G Internet access

HAMMER Patriot+ with access to the 3G network allows you to wirelessly connect to the Internet no matter where you are – at work, on the move or at home. Send emails and MMS messages. And with Hotspot Wi-Fi, use your phone as a mobile router.

hammer-light-3g 3G
hammer-light-zyroskop Web browser
hammer-light-wifi Wi-Fi Hotspot
hammer-light-mms MMS

Reliable camera

The phone is equipped with a camera, which will work where other fail.

hammer-light-camera 2 Mpx

That's not all...

hammer-dark-bluetooth communication
It guarantees stable and wireless connectivity of the phone with other devices and data transfer.
Patriot+ has two SIM card slots, so you can use your business and private number on one device at the same time.
FM Radio, MP3
Listen to MP3 and your favorite radio broadcast wherever you are. With HAMMER Patriot+ you can enjoy your own playlist.
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Camera 2.0 Mpx
Display 2.4", 240 x 320 px, 167 ppi
Memory RAM 64 MB, Internal 128 MB, Max SD memory card 32 GB
Battery 1800 mAh
DualSIM yes
Weight and dimensions 152 g, 66 x 19 x 130 mm
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