HAMMER Watch – new smartwatch for active people. Concept, design, functions

HAMMER Watch is a first rugged smartwatch by HAMMER brand. It provides support for 8 types of activity and is equipped with GPS, a sensor for measuring heart rate from the wrist and a pulse oximeter. The design of the watch is original, as with the Explorer and Explorer PRO its silhouette was designed in Poland by an international team coordinated by mPTech. We reveal behind the scenes and explain where the idea for the HAMMER smartwatch came from, including how the watch design came about and what features it has.

From concept to completion

Until recently, the HAMMER brand portfolio consisted only of rugged phones and smartphones. In response to customer expectations and, in a way, as a natural consequence of the development, the offer was enriched by accessories such as a car charger and a car holder for smartphones and a USB-C cable in a textile cover. An external battery with powerbank function dedicated to the Explorer and Explorer PRO models also made its premiere. Now the time has come for the HAMMER Watch.

For many of us, a HAMMER-style watch with a higher resistance and a distinctive design has been a long-awaited dream. At the same time, we observed trends and listened to our customers’ expectations. Everything aimed in the direction that a HAMMER smartwatch for active gadget -lovers was a good idea. As a result, we decided to design the first watch ourselves, with the support of experts as in the case of Explorer and Explorer PRO. This is how the HAMMER Watch was born, a sports watch that perfectly fits into the current fashion for wearables and at the same time fills a certain market niche. It’s a treat for all active people and HAMMEROManiacs – explains Radosław Kaczorowski, Product Manager of mPTech.

The category of reinforced smartwatches is currently developing, but HAMMER Watch has no competition in its price category and with the possibilities it offers.

Original design

We put the user at the centre of our design. The issue seemed easier -taking into consideration our extensive experience in designing and selling rugged phones and smartwatches. After all, this was going to be the first branded smartwatch. However, we wanted the HAMMER Watch to be as attractive as the iconic HAMMER smartphones. It was therefore crucial that the watch was practical, stood out in design, could last longer than a standard watch, and at the same time was versatile and offered plenty of functions to encourage activity. And last but not least, to be affordable keeping in line with the company’s mission. With these assumptions, our own vision and conclusions from in-depth interviews and observations, we set about assembling a design team.

Both the goal and the biggest challenge in designing HAMMER Watch was for us to combine all the features it should have in order to meet the expectations of the target users. So it was important to balance the proportions of the device while obtaining what has already become known as “HAMMER design”, maintaining high versatility, durability of the device and comfort of the user. We wanted a watch that didn’t look toy-like or tacky like some available on the market. We wanted its design to inspire adventure and assure the user of its greater capabilities – explains Agnieszka Szczerbik, acting Brand Manager of HAMMER brand in mPTech.

The design work was divided into stages. Versatility, which mainly derives from the functions and technological capabilities, became a result of properly prepared software. The most time and testing had to be devoted to the case and the silhouette of the watch. Each small change, e.g. in the capacity of the battery, the size of the protective bumpers or the width of the strap, influenced many other, complementary elements. For example, the correct positioning of the GPS antenna was crucial, as the GPS efficiency itself depends on it. Today we are very satisfied with the result. I believe that HAMMER Watch also makes an impression on our customers – explains Radosław Kaczorowski.

Attention to every detail and the need to coordinate many factors meant that the design work on the watch took over six months. After the first presentations and feedback from customers, we know that the design of the watch and the fact that it is more resistant appealed to the customers.

A smartwatch for the active that can impress

The HAMMER Watch is a ruggedised smart watch with a 1.3″ touchscreen. The screen itself is notable for its high contrast, and there are three different shields for users to choose from at the start. The smartwatch is made of robust plastic, the display is protected by extra bumpers and the bezel (ring) is made of metal. As a result, its resistance against water and dust is confirmed by the IP68 certification. At the same time the watch weighs very little, i.e. 55 g. In addition to a quick view of the current time and date, it allows you to monitor your workouts and activities in 8 different sports: walking, running, climbing, cycling, swimming, football, badminton and basketball, informing about calories burned or distance covered. It offers more information about the workouts performed, including a preview to the map, when you pair it via BT 4.0 with the app of the same name – HAMMER Watch – with your smartphone. It also displays call and SMS notifications. Importantly, with the smartwatch you can monitor your heart rate (wrist measurement sensor) and blood oxygen saturation level (pulse oximeter function) at any moment of the day. All you have to do is wear it. In addition, the HAMMER Watch also offers insight into the weather forecast and battery level. The built-in 440 mAh battery offers up to 40 days in standby mode or up to 10 days during normal use (without GPS), or up to 10 hours in training mode (GPS+heart rate measurement).

It makes a great addition to any sports outfit and HAMMER smartphone. Not only that, but the HAMMER Watch is compatible with all other smartphones running Android 4.4 / iOS8 and above. It works well on daily basis, whether for sport or travel. It’s also great for leisure and work, when you need to stay in touch and don’t want to risk damaging a more casual watch.

A second silicone strap is available free of charge with the watch.

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