Gift for grandparents for Grandmother’s & Grandfather’s Day? Take the test.

Gift for grandparents for Grandmother's & Grandfather's Day?

Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Day are coming soon! During these special days, it is worth planning a visit to your grandparents – often the presence of grandchildren and a few kind words are half the story. If you also want to give your grandparents a nice gift, choose something that suits their personality and interests. Answer the following questions and find out which gift will be the best, your grandparents will surely like it.

You won’t have to buy another personalized mug, frying pan or crosswords. Try to get practical gifts straight from your heart that will bring authentic joy to your grandparents. It is also worth giving them something they wouldn’t buy themselves. Taking all that into account, it would be great to present them with a phone or a smartphone…and remember to contact them on a regular basis.


Answer the questions, treat the whole thing with a pinch of salt and find the best proposal. Feel the joy of giving.

1. How old are your grandparents?

a) elderly – they are seniors of the family
b) they are old, but active
c) they are young in spirit and age

2. Grandparents know that a phone is:

a) a device for conversation, for keeping in touch with others
b) something more, a nice accessory and a way to talk and text without restrictions
c) a multifunctional gadget with a camera and Internet access, without which it is impossible to live and work

3. Grandparents usually:

a) watch TV, take care of flowers or cats – they are sworn home bodies.
b) grandmother likes to cook, to know everything and above all, to spoil grandchildren. Grandfather… loves to play rummy with a neighbor and to take an afternoon nap. He is often lost in the garage / basement because he likes DIY.
c) they work a lot, since they are not yet retired. However, they offer help when necessary, although they still have a lot of their own business to attend to.

4. Grandparents value the equipment primarily for:

(a) reliability. They see the phone as one of the best inventions in the history
(b) visual appearance, large keys, long operating time per charge cycle
c) abundance and access to a multitude of options such as: communication, photos, browser, applications and much more

5. Grandfather:

a) complains on his aches and pains and like to discuss politics.
b) has a rock-hard abdomen, likes to play rummy with his neighbor and DIY projects- after all, he treats his Victorinox with constant passion
c) keeps up with grandchildren, easily carries two on his hands and knows what transformers and playstation are. He is in no way afraid of staying with grandchildren.

6. Grandmother:

a) sometimes contemplates the view outside the window for a while, talks about old friends that are no longer with us but, above all, appreciates the TV shows, newspaper and the weather forecast.
b) life and soul of the party and cousine expert, serves as a source of knowledge for less experienced housewives. Loves to give out gifts, go on a shopping spree and draw the attention.
c) browses though facebook efortlessly, knows all the best promotions and still has got time left on her hands for others.

 phone for Gift for grandmother and grandfather

If most of your answers are “A” – a simple phone with a charging station

Your grandparents are still active, but they’re at a very mature age. They love to drink coffee even though they know they shouldn’t. They look forward to every visit you make but also require a bit of help now and then. They’ve made peace with the passage of time – that’s how the life goes.

OUR ADVICE: Select a simple phone with a charging station. This solution will satisfy the supporters of fixed-line telephones. The phone at the same time offers grandparents additional mobile phone functions. You can keep such a phone in a fixed place at home, set it up at a charging station and take it with you when you go for a walk or into the garden or send and receive text messages. An interesting model is myPhone Halo S+ a classic phone with a numeric keyboard, a large 2.8 inch display and a simple picture menu. Its easy use is also due to its comfortable construction with sliding out keypad. Moreover, myPhone HALO S+ is a very good phone for seniors also due to its long operating time on one charging cycle and a programmable SOS button. This special key allows you to establish a connection/send a text message to a predefined number with a single press. Grandparents’ satisfaction assured.

If most of your answers are “B” – high-durability phone/ flip phone

Grandparents are still active and willing to devote their time to their grandchildren. They know everything, but they don’t impose or wise up. Grandfather, even if he seems a bit moody, simply gathers strength for the next challenge: lock repair, fishing or shopping. He has been wearing an Orient with an automatic mechanism on his wrist for years, and if necessary he will twist a wire hanger or carve out The Last Supper in the board… simple as that, as a gift for his wife. But the grandmother… life and soul of party, she is everywhere at once. Any short question is usually answered by a lengthy story. If the grandchildren ask nicely, she will make delicious pancakes or dumplings.

OUR ADVICE: HAMMERA 4 – rugged phone for grandpa. This model features the largest 2.8″ display among the brand’s reinforced cells, muscular design and IP68 certified water and dust resistance. The phone is robust and more resistant to possible damage than normal cells. An additional advantage of HAMMER is a powerful 2000 mAh battery providing up to 20 hours of continuous conversations. Grandpa will surely appreciate it!
As a gift for Grandma, a classic phone with a flap, which is like a powder box – elegant and easy to use.
OUR ADVICE: myPhone Rumba, light and shapely with a large and clear 2.4 inch screen. The flap protects the display and there is no risk that a phone held in your pocket or handbag will accidentally call someone. The flap also makes it easy to operate the device. Just open it to pick up the call and close it to end it. Grandma’s gonna fall in love with that phone at first sight. The model similarly do Halo S+ is also equipped with a docking station.

If most of your answers are “C” – a smartphone for grandparents

Grandparents are young in age and spirit – they only have the status of grandparents, because it went quickly, so to speak. They still work, are active and enjoy their second youth. Grandpa still keeps in shape, even though he doesn’t boast about it… he knows most of your friends, he’s searching for a new car. However, he lacks the Internet at hand and he has already missed several opportunities. And grandmother… finally can afford a manicure at a cosmetician’s, while the vacuuming is done by a cleaning robot. She knows the latest cartoons -has surprised her grandchildren with it more than once, but she feels that she lacks a smartphone.

OUR ADVICE: Android devices for grandparents. Touchscreen models offer much more than just calling and texting, not to mention taking great photos, accessing the Internet, LTE and many useful apps. We recommend – one of the latest models of the brand. myPhone FUN 7 LTE is 5.4″ Full Screen widescreen smartphone is characterized by simple operation, a user-friendly interface and smooth operation. It features an 8 Mpx camera and fast LTE for maximum mobility and entertainment. Plus, it has a pretty good 2500 mAh battery that lasts for a long time on a single charge. And most importantly, this smartphone costs only 369 PLN.

Finished reading, bought the phone and still have money left in the budget? It’s quite possible. So we recommend e.g. a photo book with family photos, Nordic walking sticks, or a Pétanque set. Or GSM accessories like case or tempered glass.

We wish every grandmother and every grandfather that, despite their age, they would be young in spirit and enjoy good health. All best on the day of your celebration!

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