Flip phones


Easy answering and finishing of calls with a flap


Long operating time on one charging cycle


Unique, compact design

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myPhone Rumba

myPhone Rumba is a stylish phone with a 2.4″ LCD screen and a magical flap. It has an original, sleek design so you can love it from the first glance. The phone is equipped with a docking station for ease of use.


Display: 2,4″
Battery: 800 mAh
Weight: 70 g
Charging station

myPhone Tango

Screen: 2,4″
Battery: 900 mAh
Weight: 108,72 g
3G Internet
Dual SIM

myPhone Metro+

Display: 2,2″
Battery: 800 mAh
Weight: 89 g
Internet 3G

myPhone Metro

Display: 2,2″
Battery: 800 mAh
Weight: 89 g

myPhone Twist

Screen: 1,77″
Battery: 600 mAh
Weight: 74 g