Android Enterprise Reccomended

Android Enterprise Recommended

HAMMER in Android Enterprise Recommended
= the best smartphone for business

As mPTech, we have been working with Google for a long time to develop Android and to obtain smartphone certification Google Mobile Services. Now, to ensure even higher standard of safety and reliability of our models, we have joined the Android Enterprise Recommended Programme. We want to provide solutions that are 100% tailored to your business.

What is
the Android Enterprise Recommended

Android Enterprise Recommended is a programme that makes it easier for companies to select, implement and manage the best Android devices. The Programme ensures that such devices meet high requirements for company use, which is confirmed by Google's approval.

As a result, the presence of our model is a Google recommendation and a confirmation that a given smartphone or service represents the highest level of security and is best suited to handle solutions dedicated for innovative organizations.

Benefits of having a model marked with AER

Each device in the Programme is thoroughly tested and analyzed by Google for compliance with specific criteria for hardware and software. At the moment we are in the proccess of implementation HAMMER Explorer and HAMMER Energy 2 models, i.e. smartphones with increased resistance, into the Android Enterprise Recommended Programme. We confirm that they meet Google requirements, and as mPTech we commit ourselves to:

  • Full hardware compatibility and support of the implemented Android system (Android 9.0 and later)
  • Implementation of Google security patches no later than 90 days from their publication, for at least five years from the launch of given model
  • Guarantee to provide at least one more "large" version of Android
  • Having a certificate of protection against moisture and dust penetration at IP54 or higher and meeting high criteria of resistance to falls and crushing
  • Support for mass implementation of devices by the company's IT departments into the company, including Zero-Touch register for easy configuration without having to manually configure each device separately

Overall, Google's recommendation gives you the certainty that the devices meet high requirements for their use in the company. Combined with HAMMER's robustness, it guarantees the best quality of components, durable battery, always up-to-date operating system and safety certificates. Use the equipment even longer now!