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Complies with USB-C hardware

HAMMER USB-C cable is dedicated to HAMMER models with “C” type connector. It is compatible with all other multimedia devices with a USB-C connector. It solves charging problems and enables easy data transfer.

hammer-dark-USB_C USB Type C

Quick Charging

The cable allows charging up to 3 amps with Express Charging*. Thanks to the reversible connector, you don’t have to worry about which side to connect the cable to the device. Now it’s just a moment to run at full speed all day!

**You need a charger and a device with Express Charging support for fast charging.

hammer-light-flash Intensity max. 3A
hammer-light-battery Express Charging

Rapid data transfer

You can save even more time now because HAMMER cable also enables faster file transfer and data synchronization up to 480 Mbp/s.

hammer-dark-bluetooth Data transfer up to 480 Mbp/s

More durable and safer

The cable has a textile braid, which makes it durable and more resistant to bending. It does not twist or get tangled. Its durability is increased by: durable aluminium elements and plastic reinforced endings, which also provide greater safety during use and better working temperature.

hammer-light-USB_C no cracing Durable
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