HAMMER Watch Plus

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HAMMER Watch Plus

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AMOLED display

Control the watch with the touchscreen and stay up to date with your achievements. Thanks to AMOLED technology, the 1.35″ high-resolution 390×390 px display looks better with easier data reading. The screen has more vivid colours, a wider colour spectrum and excels in reduced power consumption.

hammer-dark-smartgesture touch Touch screen 1.35" (390x390 px AMOLED)

Hard as a rock

The HAMMER watch is notable for its eye-catching design and reliability. It is resistant to flooding and mechanical damage (metal bezel, additional bumpers to protect the screen), so it can withstand tough conditions. And all of this so that you can work and push forward for new records and dreams without fear. For this reason, the watch is recommended for enthusiasts of physical activity and the outdoors.

*Resistance tested when submerged up to 1.5 metres for no more than 30 minutes.

hammer-dark-ip68 odporność wytrzymałość resistance Water and dust resistant IP68*
hammer-light-malawaga Weight 48 g

Wide range of sports modes

The HAMMER Watch Plus has the full functionality of a sports watch. It allows you to monitor your workouts and progress using one of 20 preloaded sports profiles. Activity types include: outdoor running, indoor running, walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, table tennis, basketball, football, badminton, cricket, mountain climbing, cross-country running, stair climbing.

hammer-dark-HAMMER_application 20 types of activities

Accurate location measurements

Operate with faster and more accurate GPS measurements. The new HAMMER Watch Plus will take you to an even higher level with navigation supported by 3 positioning systems: GPS + Beidou + GLONASS. This means even more detailed measurements and more accurate results. The watch also offers an electronic compass, which is an added bonus.

hammer-dark-gps GPS + Beidou + GLONASS

All notifications at your fingertips

Track and receive notifications from numerous messengers, apps from your smartphone, as well as about text messages and calls on your HAMMER Watch Plus. This will keep you up to date, even during your workout. Now you can do more!

hammer-dark-powiadomienia Phone notifications

Take control of your health

HAMMER Watch Plus also means safety and health support. Thanks to the watch, you can ” examine your condition” throughout the day: monitor your heart rate, analyse your sleep and blood oxygenation levels (SpO2). This is an effective way to recover and monitor your health. You can also track calories burned and steps taken.

hammer-light-tetno Heart rate and saturation measurement
hammer-light-kalorie Measurement of calories burned

Long run time

Make the most of every second and enjoy the long life of the watch. The HAMMER Watch Plus is equipped with a long-lasting 440 mAh battery that allows you to operate for up to 14 days without charging the device. With intensive use, the smartwatch lasts about a week.
An improved magnetic charger is included, i.e. connector that fits the watch more snugly and has a stronger magnet, which translates into more convenient, efficient charging.

hammer-dark-battery 440 mAh battery

New app = full functionality

HAMMER Watch Plus runs on a new, sleeker and more professional app called HAMMER W+, which is available on the Google Play i App Store (for Android 5 / iOS 10 and higher versions). Pair the watch with your smartphone and gain access to additional features and more data.

hammer-light_HAMMER_application HAMMER W+ application
HAMMER Watch Plus Bluetooth 5.1

Technical parameters

Display 1,35” AMOLED 390×390 px
Resistance IP68
Processor Dialog14695
Battery Li-ion, 440 mAh
Max. standby time 720 h
Weight 48 g
Dimensions 60×53,5×17,5mm
Sports modes 20 types of activities


User Manual

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