HAMMER Explorer external battery with powerbank function


HAMMER Explorer external battery with powerbank function

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Extra power

Do not worry about your device getting discharged. With a 5000 mAh lithium-polymer battery, you can easily charge your smartphone wherever you need it.

hammer-light-battery 5000 mAh

Unlimited operation

Did your second phone, camera, tablet get discharged? Relax…it’s HAMMER. Start sharing energy using the power bank function. Charge other devices (from any manufacturer) and don’t worry, even if you are far from home.

hammer-light-flash Powerbank

Highly resistant

Higher water and dust resistance of the batteries compliant with the IP65 certificate is ensured by a well thought-out design. Now you will cope with every situation and every challenge.

hammer-light-wodoszczelny IP65

Strong fixing

The battery integrates with HAMMER Explorer / Explorer PRO by fastening it with magnets or permanently – with screws. Now your move.

hammer_klej_light Strong fixing

Simple charging

Thanks to the universal USB-C port the battery supports charging regardless of whether you are charging HAMMER, another device or the battery itself.

hammer-dark-microOTG USB-C

Complete control

The comfort of using the battery is provided by additional LEDs that inform about the current battery capacity.

hammer-light-torch flashlight Smart charging


The advanced design of HAMMER batteries ensures the best protection of the connected device. The intelligent chip protects your smartphone, tablet or GPS against overheating or overcharging.

hammer-light-otherfeatures NTC sensor
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