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The reinforced bumpers on the corners of the case protect the most sensitive parts of the phone absorbing the energy of each fall.

hammer-dark-etui upadek Shock-absorbing

Double-layered protection

HAMMER CASE was designed using double-layer technology that protects your phone even better. The elastic layer inside of the case is made of shock-absorbing TPU material of high endurance. The outer layer is a hardcover ensuring a steady grip and protecting your phone from scratches.

hammer-dark-etui warstwy Double-layered structure
hammer-dark-etui zarysowania Resistant to scratches

Screen and camera protection

By putting forward the edges of the HAMMER CASE, we made sure your screen is protected even when the phone is lying facing down on a flat surface. If your phone has a camera bump, the case will also protect it from scratching.

hammer-dark-etui ochrona Screen and camera protection

Perfect fit

Thanks to the precise design and manufacturing the covers are perfectly aligned over the ports and guarantee an easy access. The integrated case buttons secure full functionality. The cases are individually fitted to each model.

hammer_instalowanie_light The cases are individually fitted


The minimalistic design and light structure ensure high comfort of use. The technology used inside of the case doesn’t cause any NFC disruptions and is compatible with Android Pay and Apple Pay.

hammer_dotyk_dark NFC
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