Armoured HAMMER Case 6 – for various models


Armoured HAMMER Case 6

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Perfect fit

The perfect fit provides excellent protection and durability, as well as an easy access to all buttons, ports and camera lenses.

Available for various models

The casing is currently available for use:
– iPhone 6/6S
– Samsung Galaxy S8
– Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

That's not all...

Amortization of falls
HAMMER Case has been designed to absorb the force of falls and increase the protection of the device.
Scratch resistance
The case is made of a special TPU plastic, thanks to which it is flexible and highly resistant to scratches.
Camera and screen protection
The perfect fit of the case to the intended model provides excellent protection for the camera lens and the screen.
Light, two-piece design
The case is functional and can serve for a long time. Comfort of use guaranteed.
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