Incredibly crisp 5.5" HD display, 1.5 GHz hexa-core processor, and 8-megapixel digital camera with Full HD video...

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myPhone Luna

5.5-inch phablet with exceptional performance

myPhone Luna

Created specifically for users who need a device for both work and entertainment, fitted with a large and clear display, and equipped with carefully-selected components.

Crystal-clear image

Incredibly crisp 5.5" HD display, 1.5 GHz hexa-core processor, and 8-megapixel digital camera with Full HD video recording Plus: dual SIM functionality for 3G network, 2400mAh battery with the standby time up to 14 days, and 8GB of internal memory – those features provide you with everything you might need to work comfortably on a day-to-day basis.

Available in different colors

myPhone Luna

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5.5-inch HD display layered with the Dragontrail protective coating

Built- in stereo speakers

Support for smart gestures

System Manager for smartphone management

5.5" HD IPS OGS Dragontrail Display

Crystal-clear image on a high-quality screen layered with the Dragontrail protective coating. The In-Plane Switching technology ensures excellent color reproduction and visibility at any angle. The One Glass Solution technology makes the device even thinner and slimmer.

1.5 GHz hexa-core Cortex-A7 processor

Incredible performance and seamless operation make it easy for multiple tasks to run simultaneously without overloading the system. Energy-efficient technology additionally extends device battery life.


It is crucial that the processing power of the CPU is supported by enough RAM. Appropriate system configuration and lack of front-end overlays allow for trouble-free operation!

8 GB internal memory

Let your smartphone become your portable computer. 8 GB of internal memory for storing photos, music albums, as well as many apps and games!

Dual SIM

Use two SIM cards in the 3G network. This allows you to have both your private phone and your business phone within a single device – always with you, whenever you need it. All that is there to make your everyday use of the device more convenient.

8-megapixel digital camera with Full HD video recording

Enjoy the multitude of features: panoramic photos, HDR technology, and smile detection to capture extraordinary moments in perfect quality. Additionally, the camera is capable of recording video in Full HD (1080p).

2400 mAh battery

This capacity is enough to provide you with up to two days of battery life during normal use of the device. Standby time: up to 11 days.

Android OS 4.4 (KitKat)

Android OS 4.4 (KitKat) ensures the convenience of use of millions of available apps. It is faster and more efficient, thanks to which myPhone Luna will undoubtedly prove to be your reliable multimedia data carrier. Customize your device according to your needs!

3G network

Thanks to the 3G network connection your data transfer speed can reach up to 21Mbps, which allows you to transfer your files quickly and to browse the Internet smoothly.

    System Manager

    Run the smartphone management panel to configure it according to your needs. Manage the battery-saving modes or clear the RAM with a single tap of your finger.

    GPS Navigation & Maps

    Transform your smartphone into a fully functional GPS navigation. You can do so, using apps such as Google Maps or NaviExpert. Enjoy the drive!

    Additional camera features

    Do you enjoy taking photos? Play with the settings, including smile detection and options to take photos using gestures or self-timer. There are also more advanced editing functions available.

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